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Don't throw that old building away!  Re-skin it instead with new steel from Midwest Metal and Supply.  All over the country folks are figuring out how to fix up, restore, upgrade, re-use and re-purpose old barns, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and almost any kind of building, and sometimes all it needs is a new skin.  We've looked around and found some really interesting projects in other parts of this great land.  


And if this makes you want to get started on YOUR building, just give us a call and we'll come look at it with you.

Kapler Cabin.jpg
Kapler Cabin New.jpg

Here's a sweet little project,  what an amazing improvement a little new steel made!

shape 6.png
MM 59.jpg
MM 58.jpg

Midwest Metal & Supply

can provide you with the quality steel components you will need.

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